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Forklift LPG Conversion

Forklift LPG conversion

With the rapid development of the manufacturing and industrial sectors, every business has to find a way to reach the market quickly and flexibly without sacrificing reliability. Improved material handling at every level is critical in terms of providing outstanding customer service.  Therefore from the material input, through manufacturing to packing, storage and final distribution  we always adhere to the principle of delivering the best to the customers .

Today, to improve the efficiency of this process forklift is often at the centre of the cycle. City Gas plays a vital role in between this process as a solution for cost-saving, efficient forklift and vehicle fuel provider. We are proud to say that City Gas is the pioneer in Sri Lanka supplying removable Auto LPG cylinders for forklifts and other in house machineries.

Converting forklifts to Auto LPG directly cuts fuel costs, extends maintenance intervals for the hard-working forklift operators and significantly improves engine life. City Gas has a solid reputation in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical markets, heavy manufacturing industry and many more industries in Sri Lanka. Furthermore we have a prestigious corporate clientele in the industry who benefits from our services.

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Total lpg solution for forklifts

Latest technology is used to install gas which is a hassle free and noise free solution for the forklifts. The LP Gas forklifts will assist the efficiency and improvement of the performance of your company.

For every LP Gas installation, City Gas will arrange a free and high quality imported tank exchange facility which cuts down most of the cost you have to bear. The quality and the durability of the tank that is provided are unbeatable.

The service of City Gas does not cease at the installation of gas systems. Instead it extends into after services where we conduct necessary maintenance sessions to check if the systems work properly and function smoothly

Since LP Gas installation systems are not yet common in Sri Lanka, you might have the doubt if you will be able to find the necessary spare parts for the system. City Gas is assured to have all the required spare parts which are high quality.

City Gas comes to your company with the gas installation system to your door step irrespective of where it is situated. Our island wide delivery service assures timely and safe delivery of the tanks.

When considering industrial sector both indoor and outdoor operations are there. Auto gas has no peers when it comes to indoor/outdoor forklifts. It is well-established in factories and warehouses where exhaust emissions and noise pollution restrict petrol and diesel machines to the yard. The products of auto gas combustion, moisture and carbon dioxide, are non-toxic.

With Auto gas it is possible to keep tabs on variable costs. Checks and balances are simplified by the use of a closed-fuel system and the fact that a single tank of Auto gas in most cases keeps a forklift operating for two- three days





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