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Auto Gas Conversions

Auto Gas Conversion

In an aftermarket conversion, equipment is added to a vehicle that was originally designed for one fuel to allow it to operate on an alternative fuel. Converting petrol or diesel vehicles to Auto LPG operation is not common in Sri Lanka. Converting your vehicle to Auto LPG will add number of benefits to your pocket as well as to the environment. When it comes to Forklift conversions we add a fuel tank or tanks, fuel lines, a pressure regulator to reduce the pressure of the fuel to usable levels, and a mixer to mix LPG with the incoming air. In addition, most modern conversions have an electronic gas injection system to control the fuel/air ratio to the precise levels required by today’s vehicles. Our main dealers are CAT, Komatsu, Toyota.


When you convert your vehicle to auto gas it is simply economical because the more you drive, the more you save. When you convert through City Gas you will receive a Tank worth of Rs.35000/- for free

The next advantage you will gain is the cost of conversion is very reasonable at our gas station. Even the maintenance cost is very low compared to other similar service providers.

Auto gas vehicles lower harmful emissions by approximately 40% compared to gasoline vehicles. Auto gas also significantly reduces pollutants like carbon monoxide and is nontoxic, nonpoisonous and is insoluble in water. On the other hand auto gas tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than other fuel tanks.

Auto gas is one of the most economical alternative fuels to implement. This auto gas vehicle technology is less expensive than that for many other alternatives. This is most suitable for industrials due to inexpensive infrastructure easy to implement and easily scalable.

We have three options available for our customers.

Option No 1 – Recommended for all cars manufactured after year 2000 with multi point Fuel Injection (EFI):

Option No 2 – Recommended for all cars manufactured before year 2000 with Carburetor fuel system or Forklifts.

Option No 3 – Venturi Conversion for three wheelers with LOVATO Italy

Recommended for all cars manufactured after year 2000 with multipoint Fuel Injection (EFI):
•    ECU & Wire harness KME NEVO/ AC STAG 4 – EU
•    Evaporators – KME Silver or Gold/Zavoli -Italy
•    Injectors – Matrix / OMVL/ Rail – Italy
•    Tuning – Adapts to your style of driving and quality of LPG in the tank. This means improved fuel economy, no warning lights and no periodical recalibration required.
•    LPG tank – donut shape tank 50- 40 Lit in the spare wheel well or Cylinder type tank 60 Lit.
•    Warranty – 2 years or 50,000 km.

Car Type Normal Price Special Offer
4 cylinder engine up to 150 BHP LKR 75,000 LKR 70,000
6 cylinder engine up to 250 BHP LKR 110,000 LKR 100,000
8 cylinder engine up to 300 BHP LKR 130,000 LKR 120,000

Recommended for all cars manufactured before 2000,  with a Carburetor system and especially for Forklifts.
Conversion kit specification:
•    Lovato Italy Reducer.
•    Tomasetto Italy Multivalve.
•    Air Gas Mixer.
•    Tunning  may require periodical tune-ups.
•    Man LPG tank – USA
•    Econ Auto LPG Tank- India with Tomasetto Multivalve – Italy
•    Warranty – 1 year or 50.000 km warranty.

Car Type Normal Price Special Offer
4 cylinder engine up to 200 BHP LKR 35,000 LKR 30,000
Man Tank 47 Lit LKR 35,000 LKR 32,000
Tomasetto Multivalve and Econ Tank LKR 20,000 LKR 20,000

Venturi Conversion for three wheelers with LOVATO Italy unit:
Conversion kit specification:
•    LPG Reducer – LOVATO – Italy.
•    Fuel Switch – Lovato Italy.
•    Tunning – may require periodical recalibration.
•    LPG tank – 20 Lit made in Poland.
•    Warranty – 1 year or 50.000 km.

Car Type Normal Price Special Offer
4 stroke 3 wheeler LKR 35,000 LKR 30,000

How much can you save when you convert? (based on petrol spending)

Weekly spending Weekly savings Annual savings
LKR 5,000 LKR 1,700 (34%) LKR 88,400
LKR 10,000 LKR 3,400 (34%) LKR 176,800
LKR 2,500 LKR 850 (34%) LKR 44,200

New Special Offers!!!

New Special Offers!!!
•    Distribution network –To door step delivery Island wide
•    Credit Facilities for Corporate Customers
•    Warranty on the Electronic Gas Injection Installation up to 24 months or 40,000km
•    Free service and replacement related to the Electronic Gas Injection KIT up to 24 months
•    We offer  0% interest scheme for credit card holders of “HSBC, Commercial Bank, HNB”
•    24-7 customer service – 0777-443-135
•    On site / Online technical support if necessary
•    Full Detailing, Servicing and lubrication of motor vehicles

All prices include VAT.
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