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Auto Care

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Car service can be divided in to two types. The first is minor services that occurs every 10-15 thousand km (depends on manufacturer). The second type is major services which occurs every 30 -45 thousand km (depends on the manufacturer). Minor car services can be done within or less than 90 minutes. Generally these services include changing oil and oil filters with few other services. Major services are the most expensive and time consuming services that we have to deal with. These services vary depending on the vehicle model. At City Gas we are ready to provide any major or minor service to your vehicle.

Full Service

Following are the key areas we cover under full service :

The exhausted system will be inspected under the full service and leaks, damages and deterioration are taken care of. Further replacement is made if needed with quality mufflers and components.

Leaks, deterioration or damage to any hoses, seals or components are being checked during a full car service. The driver belt tension is also being checked in a full service.


Our Service centre includes full engine tune-up, a fuel injector clean to ensure smooth running, inspection of air intake system and fuel lines, fuel filter and air cleaner check and replacement if necessary, full grease and oil change, full safety inspection and report.

We inspect hoses for leaks and the radiator cap for proper sealing. We also check the coolant level, the water pump for leaks or wear and all drive belts for tension and condition.


Our clutch repairs provide a full clutch service including adjustment, hydraulics and clutch pad replacement for all models.

Our Mechanics test and inspect all suspension components for wear including ball joints, shock absorbers, control arms, bushes. We can replace any parts that are worn.

City Gas brake service includes disc pad or brake shoe replacement on front or rear wheels. We can also provide disc and drum machining.

City Gas automatic transmission service includes replacement of transmission fluid, cleaning and/or replacement of filter plus adjustments as necessary.

We check the fluid level in the differential. Universal joint and centre bearing are checked and replaced if necessary.

Cut and polish

Cut and polish will rejuvenate dull & faded paintwork. We assure you that we will restore colour and shine of your car by removes oxidation, light scratches & swirl marks.

Interior exterior cleaning


Our interior detailing car cleaning includes leather cleaning, carpet cleaning and all other interior cleaning.

Body Wash

Our service station will provide you the body wash cleaning which saves you time and effort and ensures that the vehicle’s body comes out looking great.


Oil is extremely essential for your vehicle and it relies on oil because Lubrication is essential to run the vehicle smoothly. Motor oil minimizes friction by lubricating, cleaning and cooling critical internal engine components. Normal driving will cause motor oil to become contaminated with wear metals, water and even fuel. Every three months or 3,000-5000km, your vehicle should be ready for an oil change. Check your owner’s manual for the specific recommendations for your vehicle. We are open the entire week to provide you this service.