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Convert Hybrid cars to LPG

Hybrid Vehicle Conversion to LPG

Toyota recommends Auto Gas Conversion for your Hybrid Vehicle

We make your green car even greener. At City Gas you have the facility of converting your hybrid car to auto gas LPG. Converting to LPG has better environmental credentials than either petrol or diesel. While, the environmental benefits of hybrid electric cars are well documented, people are not aware of how auto gas LPG helps to improve local air quality, among other things. On the other hand, the conversion to LPG results in quiet stunning results, since the car is by 40 per cent cheaper to run, emits 30 per cent less CO2 and virtually no nitrogen oxides.

We are also happy to say that it was us who installed Electronic Gas Injection System to Honda Insight (2012) Hybrid for the first time in Sri Lanka. It is also proven that it is a successful method which helps the smooth running of the vehicle.