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Why Choose City Gas?

One should choose us because we are the number one in quality. We import only the quality products from Europe and USA to ensure that we give our best to the customers. It is not only the products that have the quality but also the services. We have the best professionals in the field to deliver a quality service to our customers.

We are proud to say that we are one of the pioneers of the industry and the only company who provides the latest Auto LPG conversion systems in the country. As the pioneers we are well aware of the fact how the service can be provided more effectively to our customers. Referring to the pioneers is always the best option you can choose.

You should choose us because we have the best options to let you to help save the time and money. Using Auto LPG is always an effective option of saving money and environment since it is a byproduct of crude oil with less carbon. We save your time as it causes less damage to your vehicle and machines and you need to worry less about the maintenance

Our expertise has kept us ahead in the industry. It is our experience and the knowledge we have gained throughout the years that has made us mature with expertise. We have recruited the best professionals who have years of experience in the field and we also get the expertise knowledge from Europe.

We are the first to introduce the Electronic Auto LPG Conversion technology to Sri Lanka with a large number of benefits to both our customers and to the entire country as a whole. Through Auto LPG we help the cost of production reduce and also less pollution is caused to the environment. We will come up with more updated technology and knowledge to benefit our country.

Welcome To City Gas


Welcome to our website, we are City Gas (Pvt) Ltd, the first company to start the Electronic Auto LPG Conversion for latest automobiles in Sri Lanka. You are invited to browse through our website and get to know what the significance of LP Gas (Auto Gas) is, why you should opt for it and how City Gas (Pvt) Ltd helps converting systems. A range of more other services are also illustrated in our website. We are longing to hear from you and please let us know your service requests, questions, suggestions and complaints. Since our ultimate desire is to provide our customers a completely satisfactory service.

Customer Testimonials


“In this part of the world, I believe it’s myth that most of the people who use vehicle has on using GAS as fuel for vehicles. I got City gas to covert my brand new N16 to gas and the experience I had was great. Given the technology they used and the equipment’s I got better mileage on my vehicle. Also I never had any engine or technical issues in my vehicles. Taking into consideration the cost of petrol and environment issues GAS can be considered as the most economical and environmentally safe mode of powering your engines”

Niranjan Perera
General Manager – Human Resources

“I am Udaya Kumara engaged in tourism industry. Our major concern is to reduce the fuel bill. I installed the EGI gas system to my new Nissan Caravan in 2008. I was worried about my engine condition due to usage of LPG. But until now it is running smoothly and I save 40% from each liter of LPG against petrol with almost same mileage. My advice, don’t worry this system is fully computerized and meet all the requirements of latest engines”

Udaya Kumara
Tour Company

About City Gas EFI System,

It’s Perfect,

Because it’s economical to run, very smooth drive with more performance, less maintenance, reliable. No difference on drive. Recommend system to any petrol vehicle.

Amal Ekanayake,
Managing Director,

Advanced Car Diagnostics,
Colombo – Sri Lanka,
Tel – 0094 777626500 / 0094 11 2727100
Fax – 0094 112 843243
Web – www.advancedcardiagnostics.com

LPG: The best option for me.

I own a Maruti Gypsy King Jeep runs with a 1300CC petrol EFI engine. I bought it brand new in November 2007 and converted to LPG in the very next month and since then, running it smoothly without any hassle at all.

I think I can understand the technology of running petrol engines with LPG. In fact, I searched the internet for the technology and the efficiency of it and also for any problems it would cause to the engine. I converted my vehicle on absolute confidence on the technology.

I can also understand the economic feasibility of running with LPG. One does not need to know any economics for that. Only simple arithmetic is all what is required. Just find the difference between the price of 1liter of petrol and 1 liter of LPG. Currently it is 58 Rupees, and that is the amount I save for every liter of fuel.

Although I can understand the technology and economics of LPG conversion, there is something that I could never understand properly. That is the reluctance of many people to get the conversion done. During the nearly six years of enjoying the running of my vehicle on cheap LPG, travelling every corner of the country, I met so many people who are very scared to convert their cars.

However none of them managed to answer my only question for them. Just show me at least one disadvantage of running on LPG. I am still waiting for an answer!!

Mahendra Gunawardane
Head of the Department of Microbiology
University of Kelaniya

My experience with City Gas ( Pvt ) Ltd is excellent. I was wowed all the way from my first contact with their Technician Mr Jagath Ariyadasa and his Asst. Chaminda Kumarasinhe. Jagath was extremely customer oriented and served me with a smile all the way even though I was very demanding with wanting my Jeep Grand Cherokee gas conversion done with specific details of installation. I wanted certain cosmetic requirements met and he obliged with all and also made sure the safety requirements were met. Thumbs up to the two technicians. I had absolutely no requirement to talk with the management which has become the norm in getting a job done now a days.

Finally, on completion I had the opportunity of meeting the General Manager Mr Priyantha Wijetunge and the Managing Director Dr Ravi Mudalige who were great too. Dr Mudalige is very knowledgeable and one could get an insight to running a vehicle on LPG.

I would recommend City Gas ( Pvt ) Ltd to any one who is thinking of converting you vehicle to run on LPG and would say they are professionals in this field and the equipment used is very good.

I take this opportunity to thank all at City Gas ( Pvt ) Ltd and wish them success in the future.

Prashan T. Wijayanayake
Building Team 1 (Pvt) Ltd.

273/5 Vauxhall Street

Tel. 011 5336333
Fax. 0094 11 5363383

Mobile. 072 2241145
E.Mail. prashan@buildingteam1.com

We Edna Group have long term past experience in using LPG as an alternative fuel. But we had problems with EFI cars converted with traditional LPG system.

When City Gas introduced the Electronic Gas Injection System (EGI) in 2005, we were the first customers to install this system.

We find this system as a real trouble free. We have been using this system in our fleet for the past 8 years. Some cars have done more than 150,000 km without any damage to engine.

The saving depends on the price delta between petrol & LPG. Currently we save 40% from the fuel bill.

The gas system it self requires very few maintenance.

Rohan Jayamaha
General Manager – Transport
Edna Group

” Been in tourism I have traveled to many cities worldwide where I have seen LPG is been used for transportation. Now the new technology is even more effective. Hence I have changed to LPG with City Gas eight years ago. Even today I drive my Sonata Hyundai Proudly in LPG”

T.Shaffaath Amidon
Managing Director
M&S Travel Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

97/1 High level Rd.Colombo 6
T:0094 112 51 44 74
M:0094 777 77 96 03
Skype: amidon.s

As a vehicle importer I can recommend this EGI gas installation system for any petrol vehicle. Because I am also using most of my company vehicles with this EGI gas system with out any problem since year 2006. I was with city gas since 2006 up to now and in future, because they have all the technology, technician with good knowledge and the efficiency.

Wasana Trading Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.


History of LPG as an Automotive Fuel

LPG usage as an automotive fuel is almost as old as the auto mobile itself. In the early 19th century the main fuels available to power automobiles were gasoline and ethanol. Dr. Walter Snelling who was known as Father of modern Propane discovered a method of removing the lighter hydrocarbons from gasoline. He later identified these compounds as butane and propane, the primary constituents of LP-gas. The result improved motor gasoline and created a new LPG industry. A practical means of separating butane and propane from crude oil and natural gas was developed, and the first automobiles powered by LP-gas appeared in the early 1900s.