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Auto gas Distribution

Auto gas distribution

When gases are used in significant volumes, a proper gas delivery system is a practical necessity. A well-conceived deliver system will reduce operating costs, increase productivity and enhance safety and will help to run the operation process smoothly. Since there are less distribution points, City Gas Distributors try to facilitate the best service to our customers through setting up an island wide distribution network. We are proud to say that we have an outstanding supply chain management system which is in 24/7 operation. Our dedicated team always make sure to refill the bottles when the customer reaches the minimum order level.



Our team is dedicated to provide a full service all over the year because we understand the value of our customers’ operations. On the other hand our sales staff continuously asses the stock level of the customers and make sure the delivery is organized when the number of Auto Gas tanks reach the minimum order level.

The next important point is stock availability. City Gas is providing the service to more than 75 corporate clients in terms of forklift solutions. Therefore we store massive stocks to support the smooth delivering process.

When it comes to gas distribution safety is a must. Therefore our team considers this factor and they are well trained in safe distributing.