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Auto Gas Conversion kit


The KME LPG Sequential (vaporized) Gas Injection System
The KME LPG Sequential (vaporized) Gas Injection System is designed for vehicles with advanced petrol supply diagnostics system (OBD II/EOBD), with catalytic converter and Lambda sensors, and meets the EURO 4 fuel emission standards.
The KME system can be adapted to fit all engines with multi-point fuel injection, as well as sequential, semi-sequential or full group.
The use of a very fast micro controller, acting as a signal processor and a “smart” controller of the output unit of the gas injectors, enables precise and instantaneous control of the gas-air mixture at the same moment (time point) at which the petrol ECU would inject fuel for the current cylinder. The very precise and time-synchronized gas injection means that no difference is felt between running on gas and petrol. There is no significant loss of power or difference in the vehicle’s dynamics, and the vehicle offers the same acceleration when running on gas as with petrol.
The operation principle of the KME system bases on the petrol injection system – separately and independently for each channel. At every moment while the engine is running, the petrol ECU’s strategy of the fuel supply is used. The gas injectors are controlled by means of the signals which control the operation of the petrol injectors, which in turn come out of the current engine need (required for power and dynamics).


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STAG-300STAG 300

Minimized microprocessor sequential injection controller STAG-4 is the newest technological construction based on renowned and reliable controller STAG-300. STAG-4 software is equipped with manual settings correction option, depending on the temperature of the injected gas as well as injector warm up option. STAG-4 is designed for all vehicles with up to 4-cylinder petrol engines, including turbo, full group, semi-sequential and sequential petrol injection as well as variable valve timing system “valvetronic” used e.g. in BMW. STAG-4 is equipped with petrol injection Emulator with Europa/Bosch connection and is compatible with “AcGasSynchro” software.


 Reduced size

 Manual settings correction option, depending on the temperature of the injected gas as well as injector warm up option

  Waterproof casing

 Unnoticeable petrol to gas transition

  Automatic switch to petrol on empty gas tank (sound signal)

 P/G switch with gas level indicator

 Live Customizer

 Build in petrol injection Emulator

 Keeps the key engine settings e.g. power, torque identical to petrol settings

 Fulfils the EURO 4 emission requirements

  Compatible with all reducers and gas injectors

  Available with Rail, Valtek, OMVL, Reg, Zavoli injector type connections


Lovato Gas, overcoming the challenges presented by the continual evolution of the engines and of new environmental requirements, is now able to offer a complete range of systems and components for the conversion of gas-powered vehicles, both LPG and CNG, in compliance with the latest regulations on polluting emissions.
The over 5 million cars equipped in the world with Lovato Gas systems are the living proof of the success of a product characterized by reliability and easy installation.
In 2008 Lovato Gas grew even more by joining the Landi Renzo Group.
The continuous presence of Lovato Gas on all markets means the 90% of the turnover is for export and has allowed the company to employ a total of over 120 people today.

Lovato conversion is accommodated to convert low tech vehicles such as three-wheelers and forklifts into LP Gas.


  1. Reducer – Device through which the liquid gas is converted to gaseous phase, reducing and adjusting its pressure.
  2. Filter – Filter the gas, it has sensors that measure temperature, pressure of the gas and manifold pressure.
  3. Injector Rail – Injects Sequentially the correct amount of gas into each cylinder.
  4. Changeover Switch – Allows user to switch between gas and petrol and indicates the level of gas in the tank.
  5. Gas ECU – Receive signals from various sensors, calculates and provides the parameters for the gas operation.
  6. LPG Refueling Port – Device through which the cylinder is filled.
  7. LPG Tank – Tank for LPG in liquid and gaseous phase.
  8. Multivalve – Allows gas into and out of the tank, measures the level of gas in the tank and is equipped with various safety devices.


Tomasetto Achille is one of the leading companies in the world who design and manufacturing mechanical components for automotive LPG and CNG systems. City Gas conversions centre work hand in hand with Tomaster Achille because they provide good quality materials. Multivalve model AT02The multivalve for LPG tanks, model AT02, are homologated in accordance with the new European Regulation ECE 67R-01 and with the Indian Standards IS-15100 and are provided with all the safety devices stated by the Regulation: pressure relief valve (PRV), thermo-fuse element (PRD), 80% automatic filling stop, solenoid valve at the outlet, excess flow valve, non-return valve, manual (service) valve and mechanical level indicator.

The high flows of the safety devices (PRD and PRV) make the Tomasetto AT02 multivalve a leading product on the market. Severe bon-fire tests, performed by the most important tanks manufacturers have been brilliantly completed.

AT02 multivalve is available for all the different types of tanks present on the market, both cylindrical and toroidal. Some cylindrical multivalve is also foreseen in left configuration.

There are two available versions of our range of products:

Standard version : with outlet fitting for ø6 mm pipe and solenoid valve hole ø3.0 mm

Extra version : with outlet fitting for ø8 mm pipe and solenoid valve hole ø 4.5 mm

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