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About Us



We are proud to mention that City Gas (Pvt) Ltd is the first company to start Electronic Gas Injection conversion for the first time in Sri Lanka. In the year 1994, it was initiated as City Auto Group and in 1999; it was transformed into LPG retailing business. We are delighted to inform you that we have converted more than 3000 cars and other automobiles in to auto LP Gas providing them with the benefit of fuel saving.

We provide an enormous service to the society by helping the manufacturing factories to emit the cost. Additionally we maintain international health, safety and environment standards to ensure our customers with a safe service.
When importing equipment and spare parts that accustom LPG, we maintain strict standards and ensure that all of them are imported only from Europe and USA. You should never fear of converting your vehicle from petrol to Auto LPG since we use only the quality and the best parts.


Our vision is to be the most preferred Auto LPG Solution provider in the country through an incomparable service.


Our mission is to be the most preferred Auto LPG Solution provider in the country by providing Environment friendly and low cost fuel solutions.


Integrity is the greatest value we maintain because that is what brings us closer to our existing customers and help us reach new customers. We do not hesitate to give our customers the best profit they deserve. The number of clients we maintain will be proof for the integrity of our service.

We are committed towards our customers. We listen to their requirements in the process of providing them the service they need. On the other hand we are dedicated to provide the best to them while ensuring that they are satisfied about our services.

An important aspect of our company that we have been able to preserve over the years is that we provide our customers with the best cost effective plan they are seeking. We always concentrate on the fact that we give our customers the profit they deserve.

What has made us come a long way in the industry successfully is our attempt of implementing the responsibilities with due respect to the customers. We have always been attempting our best to give what is best to our customers using the modern technology.

We are passionate about our profession, our duties and responsibilities. The passion and dedication we have towards our work has given us the strength to reach the position of the pioneers and the leaders of the industry.

Why Choose Us

One should choose us because we are the number one in quality. We import only the quality products from Europe and USA to ensure that we give our best to the customers. It is not only the products that have the quality but also the services. We have the best professionals in the field to deliver a quality service to our customers.

We are proud to say that we are one of the pioneers of the industry and the only company who provides the latest Auto LPG conversion systems in the country. Since we are the pioneers we are well aware of the fact how the service can be provided more effectively to our customers. Referring to the pioneers is always the best option you can choose.

You should choose us because we have the best options to let you help save the time and money. Using Auto LPG is always an effective option of saving money since it is a by product of crude oil. We save your time as it causes NO damage to your vehicle and machines and you need to worry less about the maintenance.

Our expertise has kept us ahead in the industry. It is our experience and the knowledge we have gained throughout the years that has made us mature with expertise. We have recruited the best professionals who have years of experience in the field and we also get the expertise knowledge from Europe.

We are the first to introduce the Electronic Auto LPG Conversion technology to Sri Lanka with a large number of benefits to both our customers and to the entire country as a whole. Through Auto LPG we help the cost of production reduce and also less pollution is caused to the environment. We will come up with more updated technology and knowledge to benefit our country.

Quality Policy

What distinguishes our services of LPG tank installation from the competitive companies is that we ensure the quality of both our products and services. It is only the customer satisfaction that matters to us at the end of the service providence and we do that via confirming the quality. We are concerned as to what extent the customers are contented at the end of the service by monitoring the entire process of providing our services.
We are glad to say that we adhere to the European standards in the implementation of the entire process of installing Auto LPG system and tank with other services. It is also made sure that all the equipment and the spare parts are imported from Europe and USA.


Managing Director's message

Welcome to the official website of City Gas (Pvt) Ltd. We are the pioneers in providing Auto LPG solutions for the transport sector. It is also ensured that our LPG solution helps the maintenance of a green environment. Yet another significance of our service is that we provide totally low cost production solutions to our exclusive customers.
I must insist that it is our staff that makes our service distinguish form that of the rest. We own a pool of experienced and qualified technicians who assist us in the processes of wining the hearts of our customers.
The quality of our workmanship is the most important to us since it directly connects with the quality of our end service. The automotive maintenance and repairs are done by well qualified mechanics which ensures that our customers are contented at the end.
I invite you to look into our website and be informed about the ways in which we can provide you a satisfying service.

Dr. Ravi Mudalige

Managing Director