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In a time when the discussion of environment pollution has become more timely and relevant, we all have a responsibility to perform as the citizens of the planet. You should choose to convert your vehicle into LPG gas not only because it is cheaper than petrol since it is a by product of crude oil but also because it produces 30% less carbon dioxide and you also can contribute to the saving of the planet. The users of LPG can approximately save up to 40% on petrol too.

Another major advantage of LPG is that it is easy and safe to store in vehicles and it is distributed widely around the country in home base stations.

Having incredibly low noise levels and the less contamination of the engine oil compared to petrol are also some other advantages of using LPG in your vehicle. If you ponder on how using LPG can be beneficial to the vehicles, you will be glad to know that it extends the life of spark plugs and the clean burning of the gas decreases the maintenance requirements and wear rates in spark ignition engines. Added to that, another benefit of the reduction of soot formation approaches you and wear during cold starting and it will ultimately help your vehicle have an extended engine life.